The link between gender based violence and climate change

Climate change is real and affects women, men, boys and girls differently. Women and girls are the most affected by climate change as compared to boys and men as a result of existing gender inequalities and power imbalances in acquiring resources and relevant information, increasing the risk to genderbased violence specifically for women and girls. situations like this women and girls are the most affected and they tend to experience different forms of gender violence.based Disasters experienced due to climate change lives women more vulnerable to physical violence, economic violence among other types of gender based violence. 1 in 3 women experiences physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner while just over 7% of women and girls older than 15 have experienced nonpartner physical violence according to Maryce Ramsey, the senior gender advisor at FHI 360. Climate change results in pressure on relevant resources including water and food which increases chances of experiencing poverty. In addition to the violation of human rights violence obstruct development gains as it weakens physical and mental health, preventing women from assuming leadership and decision making roles, affecting the economy by increasing health expenditure and reduced productivity, threatening sustainable development.


Addressing gender based violence

According to UN Women the best way to end gender based violence is to focus on prevention as it is the only way to stop the violence before it actually happens. Another way of ending gender based violence is raising awareness and encouraging victims to speak up. The more people know about it and are educated on the subject the more they know how to act when it happens to them or anyone close to them.Empowerment of women by diversifying their sources of income is important in addressing gender based violence. If women have multiple streams of income, the effects of poverty become less and not as harsh on their families reducing risk to gender based violence. Addressing climate change through mitigation and adaptation will risk reduce the to gender based violence. Climate action is an essential component in the fight to eliminate gender based violence