Let's Green the Future Trust is a sustainable development-oriented non-governmental organization in Zimbabwe established in 2015 and registered as a Trust Organisation in 2019. The vision of the organisation is to have a just, inclusive and prosperous society where women, youth and vulnerable groups, fully participate and lead in sustainable development in Zimbabwe and Africa.

Lets Green The Future bridges the gap between the often-neglected grassroots and the global call for climate action and sustainable development while transforming the culture of women, youth and their communities to become pro-environment and self- sustainable. At the center of the Trust is the belief that women and youth are the key to long term social and economic development and, so they should be empowered for a greener future. This transformation requires a system approach that entails not only equipping women and youth with relevant skills and knowledge but also influencing their communities for effective sustainable development. Let's Green The Future is a proud member of Climate Action Network (CAN), Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), African Forest Forum (AFF) and Global Waste Cleaning Network (GWCN)

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To strengthen women, youth and vulnerable group's economic justice and secure sustainable livelihoods in the face of changing environment.  


A just, inclusive and prosperous society where women youth and vulnerable groups, fully participate and lead in sustainable development in Zimbabwe and Africa. 


To promote women, youth and vulnerable group's economic and social empowerment within the broader sustainable development agenda. 


  •  Respect Human Dignity
  • Integrity and Reliability in all Operations
  • Commitment
  • Social Justice
  • Equality and Equity
  • Gender Mainstream
  • Wholeness and Inclusiveness


Meet The Real World Heroes!

Wellington Madumira

Wellington Madumira is a holder of MSc. in Tropical resource Ecology and BSc honours in Agricultural Sciences both from UZ. Current alumni of public policy analysis and advocacy with SIVIO Institute and also social and economic justice Academy (SEJA) coordinated by ZIMCODD. An advocacy specialist in the area of climate change, energy and land who have been involved in capacity building of civil society organisation, rural and urban community to fight poverty.

Tendai Gracious Moyo

Tendai Gracious Moyo is an Environmentalist with a strong background in sustainable energy programming, gender-sensitive planning and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Her passion to address environmental issues is driven by the need to preserve nature at the same time promoting sustainable development as well as inclusion and participation of women and youth in environmental issues.

Nikita Mugwindiri

Nikita Mugwindiri is an Environmentalist with profound background in environmental communication planning, development, and implementation. Raising awareness and disseminating information on environmental issues.

Antony Mazula

an Environmental Scientist whose areas of specialty include descriptive and explanatory specialized studies in Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, climate science and application of pollution abatement technologies among others. He is also a companion member of the Environmental Professionals Council of Zimbabwe (EPCOZ)

Dorcas Gombingo

Dorcas Gombingo is an Accountant with a Bcoms in Accounting honours degree with MSU and ACCA qualifications. Has strong background in administration and financial management as she has worked on several projects in the sector under HIVOS and UNICEF. Areas of expertise include administering project accounting, management accounting, financial risk analysis and financial management..

Prudence Nhau

Prudence Nhau is a development practitioner and human rights advocate. She holds a Master's in Public law and Bachelor of Social science from Stellenbosch University and Rhodes University respectively. She specializes in Law and public policy, women and gender issues, and human rights education. A researcher and advocate in the area of climate change, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). ".

Ashley Munashe Murenje

Ashley Munashe Murenje is a holder of Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from Bindura University of Science Education. She has vast experience in climate action programming, capacity building, youth engagement and community outreach programming.

Phil T Mavhiza

Phil T Mavhiza is an Environmentalist, he graduated with an Honours degree in Environmental Studies and English from Africa University. He holds a plethora of courses for Safety Health Environment. He is a Food Waste and Loss Prevention fighter fulfilling United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He has vast experience in environmental programming,capacity building, writer of stories and articles social issues and Environmental issues.


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